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As Secretary of the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group of South Africa (SBIG) it has been part of my job over the last few years to put together technical seminars for winemakers.  At these seminars we have fantastic speakers (including international presenters) extolling the virtues of reductive winemaking, the role of methoxypyrazine and thiols in the aroma and taste of Sauvignon Blanc, the protection of CO2 when transferrring wine, and many more fascinating subjects that will have all of you sitting on the edge of your seats!

What would happen, I asked myself, if one were to break all the rules and guidelines advocated at these technical seminars (I do have quite a rebellious streak in me!)  If you were to take in the grapes and not put them through the crusher, but rather just put them in barrels with the lids taken off?  Then just lightly break the grapes, but leaving the stems and skins with the grapes in the barrel, allowing the juice to interact freely with oxygen before fermentation and then not adding any commercial yeast, but letting nature take its course and allowing spontaneous fermentation.

Well, it all sounds very risky, and it is, but the final result of this experiment is now available and have received some lovely write-ups from people like Jamie Goode (  Order it direct or contact your nearest wine retailer to order it for you.

Total production of 3 000 bottles and a low alcohol of 12.37% – perfect for summer quaffing and partnering with oysters, seafood and salads.