Friday, 17 of January of 2020

Pinot Noir 2007 (Stellenbosch)

HOTH Pinot Noir 2007 640x480Hermit on the Hill Pinot Noir 2007

Wine of Origin:  Stellenbosch

Alcohol: 13.5%

While most people expect Pinot Noir to be earthy and ethereal, this wine is a fruit bomb offering lovely ripe strawberry aromas on the nose with a compote of summer fruits on the palate.  The grapes are from the old BK5 “Champagne” clone and were sourced from a vineyard on the cool slopes of the Faure hills.  The grapes were fermented in old 500l French oak barrels and bottled after a further 12 months in old oak barrels.

This Pinot Noir does not try to emulate Burgundy but is more Beaujolais in style, offering a light and refreshing touch.  While it is a great drink on its own, it also partners wonderfully with coq au vin or lighter styled summer dishes such as seared tuna or Niçoise salad.

Neil Pendock recently chose this wine as a Pendock’s Pick in the Sunday Times, giving the following comment: “Just when you thought Pinot Noir was restricted to Trustafarians and gravy-train passengers along comes a reasonably priced one.  Made from Stellenbosch grapes, this fruity beauty is both accessible and affordable.”

Need we say more?


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